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Welcome on my website and have a good day !!

Last images:
Costume - Villageoise
Costume - Lieutenant Pirate V2
Costume - Lieutenant Pirate
Last news:
27/12/2019 - Brest
21/12/2019 - Nouvelle... maison !
10/12/2019 - Langue bretonne

Why this website?
To be a link between my different "hobbies", meaning everything that interests me: computer, role-playing games, Britain culture, films...
On this website, you could contact me, have a first vision and a best understanding of my hobbies, but also see some of my work (web, drawings...).

But why have you call this website as well?
For this, go to the section "The character", which talk about role-playing games and derivatives.

You can visit my website in your preferred language, but only its structure will be in this language. I continue for the moment to write the news in French only.
If some of the translations seems wrong to you, please let me know!

Good visit
This website is constantly evolving, so don't hesitate to come back from time to time!!
To keep you informed, RSS feeds are available in the "News" section.

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